Using Nutrition

Food The general perception would be that if the body is satisfied with all the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients, then the craving for other outside negative elements such as nicotine would not be needed to complete the individual both mentally and physically. Adequate nutritional intake will help to minimize depression and other negative feelings such as being anxious, tired, over excited and any other abnormal behavioral patterns, thus adequately eliminating the need for the individual to turn to smoking as a quick fix, when things are not going smoothly. In some cases the nicotine will further enhance these negative feelings rather than help to minimize them. When a person is ready to make the necessary changes towards a better nutritionally balanced diet plan, the body and mind will be further strengthened and this will allow for the natural detoxification pathways to allow all the toxins within the body to dissipate accordingly, thus the individual would be weary of disturbing this ideal scenario with the smoking habit. Having a healthy diet plan in place will also help the body to work towards detoxifying the body and eliminating all the negative buildups within body due to the smoking habit. Using nutrition as a combat tool for smoking is also possible, as the healthy body conditions will keep the individual strong and alert thus facilitating the mental and physical machinery to ensure adequate will power is in place to help the individual quit the smoking habit in a consistent and healthy way. A low carb diet is usually recommended as the best choice for helping the individual beat the nicotine habit.