Matrix Network Marketing Compensation Plan

Sometimes known as a Forced Matrix plan this format is quite different from other plans is there is a definite restriction on the amount of frontline distributors and individual is allowed to have. However is managed well it can have its moments of serving as a very lucrative alternative to generating a comfortable side income. Matrix Following the same basic structure of recruiting people to become distributors and to promote the products or services offered, this plan differs in its limitation clause. Effectively this means the individual can only recruit up to a set amount of people to be part of the frontline group and any other interested parties would have to be added to someone down the line. This is called a spill over. These other recruits would then be placed under other recruits and the process repeats itself. The obvious advantage here would be that the sponsor can concentrate on nurturing the small group of recruits without the distraction of having to find more frontline distributors. Thus the idea is to build a strong core group which in turn continues to build other equally strong core groups. Recent modifications have been able to make the entire package more appealing while giving the distributors more control over their business directions. Unfortunately the amounts of commissions generated and paid vary greatly as the compensation plan is based on the various different levels evident. Therefore some would translate this to mean that it would be more beneficial to help certain levels within the group rather than all involved. The compensation plan can also be quite a challenge to explain to new recruits as it can be quite complicating. This can be a setback for the individual trying to convince or convert prospective clients into committing to becoming an active part of the business.