Public Speaking Basics

By exploring the many and often varied techniques, the individual will be able to make an informed assessment as to which “tool” would be most beneficial to be used in any specific public speaking foray. The Basics There are some basic points that should be understood and accepted as a given when it comes to the public speaking basics. The following are just some to be noted:  Deciding on the format to be adopted based on its suitability for any specific public speaking task should be considered as not all public speaking engagements can and should follow a previously set pattern. Also this will allow the parties to decide on the most effective presentation style that would garner the desired effects.  Decide and then design accordingly the goals intended to be achieved through the public speaking exercise. Having clearly defined goals helps all involved to have a common mindset both in style and execution of the whole process. When all involved are of the same or similar thinking plane then it becomes clearer and easier to get the message intended across.  Venues and time frames which may seem like elements that don‟t need much attention should not be dismissed as such. When planning the public speaking exercise these elements do make a difference in how well received the entire public speaking exercise is. Another folly to avoid when preparing for public speaking forays is to never under or over estimate the views of the attending audience. In failing to give this aspect of the public speaking foray due importance, those involved make the mistake of possibly creating a less than successful presentation.  Being well prepared is always a good and important trait to follow. There is nothing worse than an ill prepared presentation or presenter. This dictates the effectiveness of the exercise