Being Safe With Fall Hazards

No Falls Falls and falling objects are often the main cause of many child related injuries and these can sometimes lead to the death of the child. Fall hazards are particularly reoccurring actions in younger children, contributing to more than half of the injuries they may sustain throughout their various growing stages. Therefore the parent should take all measure to ensure or at limit the possibility of the child encountering such injuries due to the fall hazards in place. Keeping all staircases clear of objects is one of the first steps to take in the quest to make the living environment safer for the child and to avoid falls that would certainly cause injury. Keeping furniture away from windows and other opening is also something that should given priority as the temptation to climb such objects or to use them as a lookout point is quite normal for any active child. Statistically, there have been many documented cases of children climbing on furniture dangerously place close to window, thus causing them to fall out, thus the need for attention in this area. Ideally all safety gates should be place at the top and bottom of staircases to ensure there is no easy access for the child to this area thus limiting the possibility of injury significantly. Teaching a child not to run with things in their hands will also be something worth adopting, as most injuries occur when children are unable to balance themselves adequately thus falling over and causing injury to themselves.