The Mission Statement

A mission statement is a statement of the business’s purpose. Mission statements generally should be short and clear, thus easier for people associating with the business to keep that mission in mind and do what is best to achieve it. Mission statements should be updated over time to meet business’ standard and needs. What You Want To Achieve Importance of a Mission Statement • A mission could motivate people associating with the business to give better performance on progressing commitment. A mission statement will enhance their support, thus bringing greater positive outcomes for the business. • Mission statements represent the business company or organization as a public image. Mission statements provide a set of progressive values, moral or ethics that incorporate with the business, thus it is a key influence for the business. • People tend to stray away from their initial path of a business over time. Mission statements aid in setting goals to achieve and direct the business associates and partners to keep up with the initial business path. • Writing a Mission Statement. Put the mission statement in a brief strong message, not exceeding one page. Some business plans would include a description of the targeted market, products and services standards in the mission statement. Mission statements usually also include expectations of profits and growth. • Spend some time for the mission statement. It may be short, but it can mean a lot to the business company. Use some time to generate ideas on what to write, and what to include in the mission statement. Find out more on writing the best mission statement by reviewing mission statement examples by other business companies. • Use creative words. Make it sound interesting with a smooth flow, to attract attention from the public or the viewers of the business plan; mission statements are meant to inspire action and create a dynamic image. Use colorful adjectives and verbs. You may consider adding in a glossary to describe terms used in the statement.