Understand What Your “Type” Needs For Spirituality

Understanding which Enneagram type you belong to leads you to understand better your personality and how you handle situations in life. For spiritual needs, every different Enneagram type has their own special requirements. The Spirit 1. The Worker. People belonging to this type are perfectionists, and they need to let go of the outcomes and be satisfied with what they have. Spirituality may get in touch with the out-of-control side of their personality. 2. The Helper. This type puts others first before themselves. Spirituality would get in touch with their own needs, of which they neglect. They need to learn meeting their needs directly. 3. The Motivator. They are optimistic and hard working. For spirituality, they have to spend some time slowing down what they are doing, instead enjoying some relaxing and beautiful moments of life. 4. The Individualist. They are emotionally sensitive. They can simply feel the pain of living, with their own judgment through their feelings. They will find spirituality means letting go of the pain. 5. The Observer. They are the withdrawn type, which means they love to stay inside of their thinking world. For spirituality, they must learn to get out of being themselves and see the world outside. 6. The Networker. They are mostly fearful or easily nervous. Spirituality involves them learning to control their minds instead of letting the mind control them. 7. The Visionary. They like to keep themselves busy. For their spiritual needs, they have to slow down their pace for everything, control their overactive energy and pay more attention to their feelings. 8. The Activator. They are competitive, headstrong ones. They have to learn to express their physical energy in a less confronting way for their spiritual needs. They have to seek more of their tender side. 9. The Universalist. This type of person is generally a peacemaker. Spirituality will get in touch with their repressed anger, thus, they must find healthy ways to deal with it.