Use Attention Grabbing Graphics

Staying competitive requires the individual to explore various ways to grab the attention of the viewer and sustain it long enough for a positive impression to be made. Using attention grabbing graphics is one way of doing this. Images Previously this may not have been such a viable option, as most users were only able load images through much slower dial up internet access however with the advancement of high speed internet connections this is no longer an issue for the masses. Therefore it would not be in the interest of the individual to overlook the advantages of including this tool into the designing of any site, as using graphics will allow the individual to stay one step ahead of the pact in the quest to grab and engage the attention of the viewing target audience. Being able to optimize a small area of space is one of the challenged presented when using the graphics style to getting attention. Therefore the individual should concentrate on designing elements and balance them as perfectly as possible. The visual impressions that the graphics use provides can create the connection between the viewer and the products or services being offered at the site. Putting the graphics at the top half of the layout would ensure maximum visibility. Using a single large design rather than several smaller ones will be a better attention grabbing option, however if the need to use several smaller one is important to the content then they should be grouped to form one single message. The graphics design chosen should be able to generate the message and present it in a clear and “readable” fashion otherwise even the most eye catching designs would be lost in translation if the actual message is not forth coming. The images content should also be limited to a few concise messages rather than bombarding the viewer with a lot of confusing matter.