Use The Right Words

When engaging in the public speaking exercise the main and perhaps most important point to bear in mind is keeping the attention of the audience from the beginning to the end of the presentation. If this is successfully done, then the presenter has been able to achieve his or her goal in imparting the material. Correct Words Choosing the right words is a very important element to consider when designing the material to be presented. There is a needed to know the general mindset of the target audience to ensure the most suitable words are used in the material to be presented so that it is completely understood and the whole experience in general is beneficial and pleasant. Using too technical terms just to impress will neither benefit the presenter not the receiving audience as the material will be deemed boring and thus the attention span of the audience will be severely affected. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right words to be included in any presentation:  The use of descriptive words or otherwise known as visual words is important when the material being presented requires the audience to be able to relate in a “seeing” manner. This helps when the presenter needs the impact to be clearly felt and accepted.  Keeping the words short and simple with only a few injections of more impressive vocabulary is also recommended. This will enable the target audience to easily follow the flow of what is being presented rather than become confused and frustrated, spending time trying to decipher the meaning of the impressive vocabulary choice that would probably be understood by a hand full only.  Using simple metaphors is also encouraged as long as the choice is fairly commonly understood and familiar to most. It helps the listening audience to be able to visualize better what is being presented within the mind‟s eye.