What Happens If Your Don’t Connect With Your Audience

There are several things that can and will go wrong if this connection is not made from the very beginning of the presentation exercise. The following are some of the possible occurrences that might unfold if there is a lack in being able to effectively connect with the audience on all levels: Be Careful When there is no proper connection between the presenter and the audience, the material presented will seem boring and uninformative. This will then cause the attention span of the audience to waver and even dim altogether. When this happens the audience may cause disturbances or distractions due to the restlessness as a result of the boredom. When there is no adequate connection, the responses from the audience may not be as expected or needed in order to ensure the presentation has been successfully understood. Facial expressions, underlying comments and emotions can then become another distraction which may eventually derail the entire presentation altogether. Being unable to be flexible when a disconnection has been detected or is evident is also something that should be rectified. Successful presenters are usually able to refocus or adjust their presentation material and style according to the general sentiment of the audience. In having the ability to recognize and immediately work towards regaining the attention, the presenter is able to create the connection again thus avoiding a futile exercise. The loss of precious time and resources is also lost when there is no connection made during any presenting exercise. The cost factor is also another dominant point when there is no connection.