Work On Courage And Exploration

Today courage is often thought of as synonymous with acts of bravado in the face of fear. However this is not the root meaning of the word courage. By limiting courage to meaning brave acts we fail to see the consequences and aspects of exploring new ideas for a project, breaking from consensus, rising above possible rejection and initiating progress in the face of complacency. Moving Ahead Courage comes from the French word “corge”meaning hear and spirit. So courage is really about acting from your heart and spirit – from the centre of your being – your true identity hiding a person‟s ego. Fear can prevent us from acting with courage. If people have regrets they usually represent times in our lives when they have allowed fearful insecurity to undermine the courageous choice. Recognizing that we all have regrets, the task then is develop courage and the trust that going for it is better than dying without it. This is the difference between the heart and the mind. Learning to stay focused in the present won‟t eliminate fear but it can at least prevent people from being stuck in fear. Fear blocks courage. As courage consciousness matures in an individual or organization there will be large shifts in the perspective about fear. Courage will cradle actions and will allow people to validate the choice of their actions. In order to develop courage and overcome fear there needs to be a focus on personal development. It is important to get an increasingly accurate view of reality by understanding how reality works and by interacting with reality. People should focus on their goals and objectives and become stronger to be capable of achieving greater success and happiness. It is important that we should develop our courage. We can be afraid but then we must call on our courage to follow our objectives. Such strength is undefeatable.